For Pennsylvania House District 53

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Steve Malagari is a leader who has already long-served the community where he grew up. A two-term councilman in the Lansdale Borough Council, Steve has worked hard for his constituents, obtaining grants for streetscape revitalization, making transit improvements to relieve congestion, and leveraging technology to enable voters to see where their tax dollars are going. Steve is also a teamster and works for a leading beverage wholesaler in Southeastern PA, having grown up in a middle-class household in Lansdale with a history of union involvement: his grandfather was a union coal miner and his mother, a retired public schoolteacher. At Ascend, we often talk about supporting leaders who reflect the communities they seek to serve. In countless ways, Steve does exactly this, embodying the work ethic, commitment to community, and working class values that have long defined his family and community. Steve has a tough race for statehouse, as he is running in an open seat but one that has been held by the incumbent Republican since 1983, and we are excited to stand behind him to push to ensure his voice -- and voices of those he represents -- are heard in Harrisburg.