For Mayor, City of Pearland, TX  (Spring 2017)


Ascend’s first endorsee, Quentin Wiltz, ran in the spring of 2017 to be the first Democratic Mayor of Pearland, Texas (a small but growing city outside of Houston) in three decades. Quentin had been involved in the Pearland community for over ten years, having served as a member and Chair of the town’s Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Board; a volunteer at the Pearland Neighborhood Center; and currently Chair of the Board of the Brazoria County Alliance for Children. We are excited to have provided an early and important contribution to his race -- helping him force the 35-year, 91-year-old incumbent to a runoff for the first time ever. In the June runoff, our contribution helped Quentin increase his vote total from the general election by nearly 60% -- garnering more votes as a Democratic candidate for Mayor than any other in decades -- but in the end, he fell just short. 

While we are disappointed in the outcome, we have high hopes for Quentin in the long run; indeed, our model of investing in the future requires us to take risk and make bets, and our money is still on Quentin.