Political Director, Annie’s List


Monica Gomez currently serves as the Political Director of Annie’s List, a Texas-based organization dedicated to recruiting, training, supporting, and electing progressive, pro-choice women in Texas.  Born in El Paso, Texas, Monica grew up in New Mexico politics, volunteering on her first political campaign as a 16 year-old freshman in college. She has been actively involved with the New Mexico Democratic Party since the 2004 Presidential Election, serving as a state central committee member, chair and vice-chair of the New Mexico College Democrats, and a committee member of the Hispanic Caucus of the College Democrats of America. One of her most notable campaign victories was defeating an eighteen-year incumbent to elect her father to the New Mexico House of Representative in 2014.

In 2016, Monica moved into Texas politics, serving as the campaign manager for State Rep. Lina Ortega’s primary race. She later returned for the general election to manage State Rep. Victoria Neave’s successful campaign in Dallas, one of the closest races in the state.