For Pennsylvania Senate District 38


Raised in a union household, Lindsey Williams has dedicated herself to protecting workers and working families. She learned that strong unions and protections for workers’ rights can help families achieve the American Dream first hand, by seeing her father work as an operating engineer in organized labor. She gained national attention from her work at the National Whistleblower Center, where she was illegally terminated for attempting to organize a staff union. Determined to seek justice for her colleagues and for herself, Lindsey successfully pursued a wrongful termination suit with the National Labor Relations Board. As an attorney who has worked with the United Steelworkers, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and most recently, the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, Lindsey has consistently demonstrated her commitment to social and economic justice for working families. She plans to continue to work with such passion and determination in representing her constituents in Pennsylvania’s State Senate in one of the most hotly contested State Senate races this year.