For Pennsylvania House District 168

Kristin Seale-2.jpg 2018-07-31 17-34-43.jpg

Part of what we look for in candidates is the audacity to take on challenges -- to do things others tell you that you can't; to defy the odds. Kristin Seale has done just that. After a lifetime of service dating back to her childhood, including volunteering at a school for the blind, a homeless shelter, and for people living with HIV/AIDS -- and a career doing the same (working on issues of poverty, public health, and most recently helping to lead the state's energy efficiency non-profit), Kristin decided to take her service to the next level and run for local office in a heavily Republican area. In 2017, Kristin ran for and won election to the Rose Tree Media School District, earning the most votes of any candidate both in the primary and the general elections, and becoming one of the first Democrats to hold the seat. And after a year of effectively serving her constituents in that role -- negotiating an early and robust labor contract, a resolution banning guns for administrators, staff, and teachers in the schools, and advocating for common sense gun safety policies -- she again stepped up to run for state legislature. Running against a more established figure, she joked that her slogan in the primary became "No money? No endorsements? No problem!" as she ground out a hard-fought victory. As she looks to the fall, Kristen has built a sophisticated campaign operation and has a clear sense of what she needs to do to win against a Republican incumbent heavily financed by the County Republican machine. We are excited to stand with Kristin as she again seeks to defy the odds and turn this seat blue.