For Alexandria City School Board

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While attention largely shifted away from Virginia after 2017, there are a number of local races taking place across the commonwealth this year, and we've continued to follow our "every state, every year" approach of investing in each of our targeted states, year in and year out. We're excited to endorse Jewelyn Cosgrove in her bid for Alexandria City School Board. A working parent, product of public schools, and veteran advocate and policy professional, Jewelyn impressed us with her command of the issues and commitment to addressing the challenges facing Alexandria's public schools. A policy professional by day who has spent nearly the past decade working in the healthcare space, Jewelyn has already shown herself to be the kind of person who doesn't just complain about problems, but takes action: lamenting the dearth of attention being paid to children, family, and education issues, outside of work Jewelyn founded Raising our Future PAC last year, which has already raised tens of thousands of dollars to support federal candidates who actively work towards paid parental leave, public K-12 education, universal access to pre-K, and family-friendly work policies. And she's already been noticed by community and political leaders in the area, cited by one as a "total rockstar in the making" and earning the support of veteran school Board members. We're thrilled to support Jewelyn in what we're confident will be just her first run for public office.