Member, Austin City Council


Gregorio "Greg" Casar currently serves as Austin District 4’s first-ever district representative, elected in 2014 as the youngest City Council Member in Austin’s history.  A native Texan and the son of Mexican immigrants, Council Member Casar has worked to ensure that everyday people -- especially those who are often excluded -- have a seat at the table when it comes to decision-making at City Hall. He helped organize Austin's first-ever tenants associations at mobile home parks, which successfully fought off evictions and illegal practices from their landlords. Alongside formerly incarcerated community members, Council Member Casar authored the initiative making Austin the first Fair Chance Hiring city in the South. A former immigrant rights organizer, he has worked hand-in-hand with undocumented families since taking office to organize statewide lawsuits and resistance to Senate Bill 4, Texas' "Show Me Your Papers" law.

As a 28-year old, the Council Member believes in the power of young, emerging political candidates. He is an active supporter of Battleground Texas' TX FLiP program (Texas Future Leadership Program), is a board member of Local Progress (a national network of progressive local elected officials), and has supported the successful electoral campaigns of other young people across Central Texas since taking office.