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Hannah Roe Beck
Managing Director


Become an Investor -- In Ascend and in Our Future

A key part of Ascend’s approach is building a community of donors who believe in our mission of supporting emerging Democratic candidates. Our Investors -- who join at the Member, Co-Chair, and Chair levels -- are the foundation of that community -- individuals who give of their time and resources to build a pipeline of talent for the future. We’d love if you’d join us!


Benefits of serving as an Investor

Our Founding Members will play a pivotal role in Ascend’s growth, and enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Monthly conference calls: We hold monthly briefings with elected and Party leaders, as well as with our endorsees. 

  • Input into the endorsement process: All Investors can share input and suggestions of candidates. Investors who meet a certain threshold will have the opportunity to be on the interview and endorsement committee for the 2019 races.

  • VIP admission into our events: We are planning to hold 5-10 events during the course of 2019.  2019 Investors receive VIP admission to all of them.

  • Annual Retreat/Reception: Each year in December or January, we gather all of our investors in Washington to reflect on the past year and plan for the future, including a reception with our endorsed candidates from the prior cycle; it's a great opportunity to meet our endorsees and spend time with one another.

Please email Hannah Beck at to find out more and sign up today!