Ascend PAC Managing Director

After 18+ months of strong and steady growth, Ascend is excited to bring on our first full-time employee—a Managing Director—to help us as we continue to grow in 2019 and 2020, and establish the foundation for a long-term organization dedicated to building a Democratic pipeline of talent year in and year out.  See below—we'd love to hear from you if you're interested in joining the team!



Ascend PAC is a 527 political action committee with an audacious mission: to rebuild the Democratic bench of talented candidates running at the local level, and bring together a community of investors who can support and fuel that pipeline year in and year out for decades to come. Modeled like an angel investment fund for Democratic politics, Ascend gathers investors from around the country to identify and provide high-impact donations to emerging Democratic candidates running for local office, from school board and municipal office to state legislature. We help launch emerging candidates’ careers, and then connect them with our network of partners to support them as candidates and as elected officials.

Founded in the wake of the 2016 election and considered among the more innovative organizations to emerge since that time, Ascend has built a strong foundation for long-term success:

  • Fundraising success: Ascend has recruited over 50 investors who have donated or raised $2,500 to date, and collectively raised more than $250,000 (including doubling the amount raised from 2017 to 2018)

  • Electoral impact: Ascend has supported nearly 40 candidates across its three initial states of Virginia, Texas, and Pennsylvania, providing upwards of 15% of each candidate’s budget—2/3 of whom have won

  • Partner development: Ascend has pulled together over two dozen partner organizations it works with to identify and support Democratic candidates at the local level—from established organizations like EMILY’s List and the DLCC to newer groups like Run for Something and Sister District

  • Local networks of advisors: Ascend has recruited 5-7 formal advisors and dozens of local key opinion leaders—community activists, party leaders, former elected officials, and others—in each of its three initial states of focus, establishing a vibrant network of individuals who know their communities well and can share unparalleled insights on candidates running at the local level


As Ascend looks to 2019 and beyond, we are hiring a Managing Director—our first full-time employee—to support our continued expansion. It’s a critical role that will involve managing day-to-day operations and all key aspects of the organization.


  • Work with the Board, Co-Founders, and lead investors to outline and execute finance and broader organizational plans

  • Lead Ascend’s fundraising efforts, including:

    • Managing and executing a strategic finance plan which includes events, meetings with prospective investors, and call time; managing activities to ensure Ascend hits its quarterly and annual fundraising targets

    • Maintaining relationships with existing investors (donors), and conducting donor research and outreach to engage new investors; managing follow-up on all correspondence and pledges

    • Working closely with compliance consultants to ensure appropriate reporting

  • Lead Ascend’s candidate endorsement process, including working with our Advisory Board members, key opinion leaders, partner organizations, and selection and endorsement committee to identify, vet, and endorse candidates

  • Lead Ascend’s communications efforts, including:

    • Drafting communications to our e-mail list

    • Devising and executing a media strategy promoting our work through a variety of online and offline channels

  • Support the continued growth of Ascend as an institution, including:

    • Maintaining and growing our Ascend Partner Network (the set of two-dozen like-minded organizations we work with to identify and support candidates)

    • Maintaining and growing our state-based Advisory Boards and key opinion leader networks

    • Planning our annual Investor Retreat and monthly Investor calls

    • Establishing processes and structures to build out a longer-term organization (e.g., identifying office space, bringing on interns, enhancing internal IT and related systems)


  • Minimum 3-5 years of full-time work experience at the local, state legislative, Congressional, or state-wide levels including fundraising, communications, and/or other campaign or political organizing work; prior experience managing a campaign, party committee, or political organization is a plus

  • Fundraising experience preferred; understanding of state-based campaign finance law and/or compliance experience is a plus

  • Strong written and communication skills

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Entrepreneurial and proactive mindset and orientation; ability to operate independently

  • Passion for Ascend’s mission and work


This is a full-time position based in Washington, DC.  Limited travel will be required.


Salary is commensurate with experience, estimated range $65,000-$80,000.

How to Apply

Submit a cover letter and resume to Deadline is Monday, December 17.


Get Involved

Stay up to date on our candidates' progress, the latest endorsements, and how to show your support.

For more information, or if you have any questions, email:

David Burd

Tim Lim



Become an Investor -- In Ascend and in Our Future

A key part of Ascend’s approach is building a community of donors who believe in our mission of supporting emerging Democratic candidates. Our Investors -- who join at the Member, Co-Chair, and Chair levels -- are the foundation of that community -- individuals who give of their time and resources to build a pipeline of talent for the future. We’d love if you’d join us!



Benefits of serving as an Investor

Our Founding Members will play a pivotal role in Ascend’s growth, and enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Monthly conference calls: We hold monthly briefings with elected and Party leaders, as well as with our endorsees. 

  • Input into the endorsement process: All Investors can share input and suggestions of candidates. Investors who meet a certain threshold will have the opportunity to be on the interview and endorsement committee for the 2019 races.

  • VIP admission into our events: We are planning to hold 5-10 events during the course of 2019.  2019 Investors receive VIP admission to all of them.

  • Annual Retreat/Reception: Each year in December or January, we gather all of our investors in Washington to reflect on the past year and plan for the future, including a reception with our endorsed candidates from the prior cycle; it's a great opportunity to meet our endorsees and spend time with one another.

Please email David Burd at to find out more and sign up today!