Program Director of Candidate Recruitment and Campaign Services, Texas Democratic Party


Cliff Walker currently serves as the Program Director of Candidate Recruitment and Campaign Services for the Texas Democratic Party; he joined the Party in 2015 to create Project LIFT, a candidate services program that recruits, trains, and supports Democrats running at all levels, from state legislature to school board. A San Antonio native, Cliff has spent his career in Texas Democratic politics. He got his start working in Congressman Henry Cuellar's district office, and has since been involved in a variety of local and state campaigns, running the field effort for one of the most hotly contested Texas State House races of 2006 and later leading a new political action committee -- Back to Basics PAC -- which ran an aggressive paid media campaign against Rick Perry in the 2010 election cycle. There, Cliff also led a creative new media team in producing hard-hitting websites targeting vulnerable Republican State House candidates.


  In the 2012 cycle, Cliff was tapped to be the Executive Director of the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee, where he worked closely with Democratic lawmakers and allies to recruit, field, and fund Democratic challengers, and in 2014, he served as the Political Director for Battleground Texas.