Founder & CEO, Leaven Strategies Group


Chelsea Roe is the Founder and CEO of political consulting firm Leaven Strategies Group, where she provides fundraising and broader consulting services to political, non-profit, and corporate clients.  Chelsea began her professional career as a print journalist and made the switch finance, working at the law firm Winstead PC after college. Now, after working for multiple successful congressional candidates, Chelsea has gained extensive experience managing both high and low profile clients in the fields of fundraising, compliance, and communications/digital.  


Chelsea made waves in the media in 2014 when she launched the philanthropy campaign known as "Love from Texas", which sent survival supplies to refugees crossing the Texas/Mexico border during the Central American immigration crisis. She has carried on the project in other forms since. Chelsea is a DFW native and a member of the Dallas Press Club, New Leaders Council, and Texas Victory Leaders Council.  She has also served on several state and national party convention planning committees.