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Our Advisory Boards

Our approach to candidate identification is all about leveraging local insights and knowledge - partnering with like-minded organizations and community and political leaders who know their states well to help identify rising stars. These individuals represent a sampling of the leaders we are working with to gain insights on local talent.

Texas Advisory Board

Greg Casar

 Member, Austin City Council

Monica Gomez

Political Director, Annie’s List

Amanda Nelson

 Political Director with the Texas American Federation of Teachers

Cliff Walker

Deputy Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party


Virginia Advisory Board

Christopher Lewis

Member, Alexandria City School Board

Trevor Southerland

Deputy Executive Director, Virginia House Democratic Caucus

Julie Jakopic

Chair, Virginia’s List

Dan Lagana

Political Consultant, Northern Virginia

Pennsylvania Advisory Board


Malcolm Kenyatta

PA State Representative, 181st Legislative District


Nathan Davidson

Executive Director at Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee

Anne Wakabayashi

National Alumnae Director, Emerge America

Ali Perelman

Executive Director, Philadelphia 3.0

Wisconsin Advisory Board

More information coming soon!